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Once a year, the local commune’s Fest-Noz (Breton for ‘Festival of the Night’) takes place on the Chapel grounds.  Planned for the 13th July 2019 (on more than one occasion the date has been changed last minute or the event cancelled). These traditional festivals were used as a way to batter down the bare earth for a new house.  Today they are held with dancing, dancing and more dancing where anyone can join in.  A not to be missed event for young and old alike.  Live, traditional Celtic Breton music is played into the small hours with Crepes, Galettes, Hot dogs and drink on offer.  Entry is about 8 euros for adults, less for children, with proceeds going towards the chapel fund.

View to chapel and its grounds from front of the house where the Fest-Noz takes place.

Fes 3

I couldn’t resist including this classic photo.  Not a shot from this Fest-Noz but yes, they do jump in the air.

Fes 2

Up to 500 plus people emerge from the wilderness.  Local cider is on offer as well as wine, beer and soft or hot drinks. Typical Breton dancing.   No matter how hard you resist you will partake.

Fes 4

Be very careful what you drink or you could end up looking like this.

Fes 1